Porridge de luxe


A nutritious and fibre-rich porridge with protein and healthy fats to keep you full for longer. The taste is great, and breakfast is served in 5 minutes.

Porridge de luxe

Serves 2

100ml finely rolled oats, gluten free
300ml almond milk, sugar free
100ml cauliflower rice
1-2 tbsp coconut oil
½ apple cut into cubes
½ sliced banana
A sprinkle of vanilla powder, ground cardamom, or cinnamon
A small handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds,
sunflower seeds and/or other nuts and seeds.

Put the nuts aside and mix all other ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer until ready. Top with the nuts. Some or all of the fruit can be added as topping at the end as an alternative to adding it to the saucepan.

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