Gluten-free ryebread


This ryebread has the exact same taste as a regular ryebread. It is super easy to make and can easily be frozen.

Gluten-free ryebread

Makes 2 loaves of bread

100g raisins
600ml boiling water
600ml cold water
100ml chia seeds
30g psyllium husk powder
70g quinoa
120g sesame seeds
100g sunflower seeds
120g linseeds
120 grams of flaxseed
200g wholemeal rice flour
200g buckwheat flour
150g gluten-free oats
4 tsp salt

Blend raisins and boiling water into a smooth mixture and pour it into the food mixer. Add cold water, psyllium husk powder and chia seeds and mix well. Add all the seeds and set the dough aside for 15

Then mix flour into the dough and pour it into two bread loaf baking tins. Prick with a fork before you put the loaves in the oven.

Bake the rye breads for 2 hours at 175 degrees (hot air circulation). Take the bread loaves out of the baking tins after 1 hour and 15 minutes and continue baking on a griddle without tins. Do not slice the bread until completely cooled.

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