Avocado raw cake

This cake boasts plenty of fibre and healthy fats from the nuts and avocados. It is sweetened with dates and agave syrup which will not make the blood sugar rise as much as regular white sugar.

Avocado raw cake

75g shredded coconut
100g hazelnuts
½ tsp salt
250g pitted dates

2 ripe avocados
75ml agave syrup
25ml lime juice
A dash of vanilla powder

Blend shredded coconut, nuts and salt. Add the dates little by little until the dough has a smooth texture. Press the dough into a springform tin.

Then mix all the topping ingredients and spread the avocado mixture over the dough.

Put the cake in the freezer for a few hours and take it out about 30 minutes before serving. Top with fresh berries.

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