Gluten-free cakes

More and more people are experiencing that they feel better without eating gluten. You can easily bake delicious gluten-free cakes without feeling deprived. . Gluten is a protein found in various grains. A component of gluten is gliadin and it is the part of the gluten protein that is the cause of hypersensitivity. Although a cake is sweetened with fruit, it is not sugar free. Fruit contains both fiber and important nutrients and your blood sugar often remains more stable but fruit contains fruit sugar. Enjoy a piece of “sugar-free” cake with a clear conscience – just not in large quantities.

Avocado raw cake

This cake boasts plenty of fibre and healthy fats from the nuts and avocados. It is sweetened with dates and agave syrup which will not make the blood sugar rise as much as regular white sugar.

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