I meet my clients right where they are - and I'm with them all the way

We are all different and so are our needs. Therefore, I give each client individual recommendations, based on a thorough professional preparation

About me

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to find a meaningful profession that allows me to use my personal commitment and interest in people to make a positive difference for others.

This initially led me to complete a degree in Marketing Management, followed by many years of working with marketing and communication, including internal communication. An area which also focuses on sharing knowledge and motivating others in order to improve results. While I genuinely enjoyed that work, it felt as if something was missing. After a longer period with stress, disease, and a lot of reflection, I completed the course to qualify as a nutritional therapist and finally found my authentic shelf.

Today, I work as an independent nutritional therapist and use my professional knowledge and personal experiences to help my clients achieve their diet and lifestyle goals.

I live in Luxembourg, but we can meet online both here or wherever you live.

The world is small, and as long as the personal commitment and presence are there, it is less important where you are based.

I have personally experienced how big of an impact diet, lifestyle and thought patterns have on your health and well-being

And I understand the challenges that arise when you want to change the course of your life. I can’t promise that you can eat your way to a happy and disease-free body, but I can promise that I can help you create healthy and sustainable change.

Change that makes your body stronger and more resilient to stress and diseases.

I know that it works – I have tried it myself.

Anne Mette

RAB is short for Registered Alternative Therapist (Registreret Alternativ Behandler) and is a protected title that can only be used if I, as a professional, meet the legal requirements for education and good clinical practice. RAB was created as a collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Danish Health Authority with the aim of strengthening the safety of consumers using alternative treatments.

I am RAB accredited and a member of the association of Danish Nutritional Therapists (Foreningen af Danske ernæringsterapeuter DET).

The title ‘Nutritional Therapist’ is not protected, but the title ‘ernæringsterapeut DET’ is a quality mark that states that I, through my membership of the association of Danish Nutritional Therapists (DET – Danske Ernæringsterapeuter), meet specific educational requirements and continuously keep myself updated professionally. By participating in conferences and keeping myself updated in the field, I am obliged to continuously stay up to date with the most recent international research findings within nutrition, biochemistry, and holistic disease treatment. The nutritional therapist programme is a 3-year education. In addition, an entry requirement for the programme is a previously passed exam in anatomy, physiology, and pathology

Nutrition therapy helps you all the way around a healthier lifestyle. Read more, find inspiration for healthy and delicious food or get started now!

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