Do you dream of changing your diet, living healthier and getting more energy?

Do you need support and guidance on the path to your healthy lifestyle? So let me help you in goal

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Diet and lifestyle

I know from personal experience that it takes both courage and profit to change habits and thought patterns

Not least in a busy everyday life with many chores

We are bombarded with different and often contradictory advice on how we should eat and live to be healthy, less stressed or lose weight.

It can create both dietary confusion and bad conscience.

As a trained Nutrition Therapist , I help you out of frustration and guide you to a healthier lifestyle. The focus is on your well-being and well-being. We follow you step by step, so you can quietly change your habits at a pace that suits you. When working with me, you get much more than a diet plan. If you want a change that lasts in the long term, you have to work with the whole.

In this way, I ensure that you get off to an optimal start and succeed with your diet and lifestyle changes.


With a tailor-made plan , we together create the foundation for a healthier lifestyle for you, with the opportunity to prevent and alleviate physical discomfort and illness.

- and I'm with you all the way

What I can help you with:

What do my clients say

Your success is important to me

Depending on your individual goals, desires and any diagnoses, you may need a shorter or longer course to reach the goal. Throughout the process, we adjust your plan so that you feel progress and reach the goal of your efforts.

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